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AmCoat offers multiple systems for painting and protecting cell phone towers.  We offer solutions for both new towers and in-field maintenance.  As cell phone towers age, maintenance becomes more important.  AmCoat produces multiple formulations to fit a wide range of conditions and budgets:

  • One coat solutions for new towers
  • Material cost as low as 35 cents/sq foot
  • Rust Bond encapsulation for in field maintenance
  • One-part and two-part options
  • Direct to rust solutions (not blasting)

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Existing Cell Tower Rust Prevention Coatings

Tower maintenance is becoming a large industry due to the proliferation of cell phone towers. The proliferation will continue as cell phone coverage is cell tower paint coatingexpanding across the globe.  As towers age, they require maintenance and corrosion control. AmCoat specializes in in-field tower maintenance.

Cell phone towers are impractical to blast. Because of all the angle and joints, corrosion control is a concern. Combined with outdoor exposure in a wide range of harsh climates, tower corrosion will be on going industry concern.

Rust Bond is proven to be an ideal primer for tower maintenance and repainting. Rust Bond is specifically formulated to paint over existing rust. Loaded with anti-corrosive agents, Rust Bond will lock down existing rust and bond to the rusted surface. As a 100% solids coatings, water is not being introduced to the surface. As a result both air and moisture are eliminated from the surface. That barrier is import for retarding rust.

Rust Bond may be applied by hand application methods including painter’s mitts, disposable rollers, and brushes. Because it goes on thin, Rust Bond is very economical, usually less than 20 cents per square foot. Depending upon the rust, stripe coating or a mid-coat might be recommended.

AmCoat offers two finish coat option, the Rhino Urethane and the Rhino Metal Enamel.  Both offer good durability and an attractive appearance. For cell phone towers, both polar white and aviation orange colors are stock colors.

New Cell Tower Rust Prevention Coatings

AmCoat has a great option for coating new towers. Rhino Mastic Urethane offers a one coat solution to paint new galvanized towers.

New towers are galvanized. Galvanization offers years of corrosion prevention, but freshly galvanized steel is difficult to paint. Usually it requires a chemical etch that is very harsh to apply plus a separate primer. AmCoat offers a urethane specifically formulated to bond to new galvanized metal. This saves both time and money.

Rhino Mastic Urethane offers a beautiful finish that protects the galvanization. As a result, the service life of the galvanized tower is extended. At a material cost well under 40 cents per square foot, it is a cost effective. With good long term durability, the goal is to prevent new towers from entering the maintenance cycle for many years.



RHINO RUST BOND is a two-part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted metal surfaces. The RUST BOND will seal rust and is AmCoat Rust Bondloaded with rust inhibitors. RHINO RUST BOND penetrates to reenforce and bond rusted surfaces. This primer requires a top coat. RHINO RUST BOND is a two part, 100% solid epoxy system. As a 100% solid product, RHINO RUST BOND does not shrink and offers a very low surface tension.


RHINO RUST BOND provides exceptional adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces. Specifically designed for metal and rust when blasting is not practical nor economically justified.


The priming system seals and unifies the substrate surface providing a paintable surface.

View Rust Bond Product Description and Data Sheet



Rhino Urethane is a high gloss, acrylic polyurethane coating.  Comprised of high solids, this two-component Rhino Urethaneurethane coating provides superior weathering and high quality color retention.

Rhino Urethane is classified as an industrial urethane coating, designed for harsh environments.  Additionally, it offers outstanding resistance to acids, stains and chemicals.  It is a flexible coating that maintains durability with structure movement.  It may be tinted to virtually any color, it is available in both colored and clear formulas.


Rhino Urethane offers great durability, a beautiful finish, and broad spectrum resistance to a variety of fuels and chemicals.  If you read the product catalog on large paint manufacturers, they offer many urethane formulas.  For example one formula might be resistant to diesel, another is marketed to resist gasoline, another for acid exposure and so on.  The result is a bloated product catalog that is confusing and requires customers to buy multiple formulas.

View Rhino Urethane Description and Full Data Sheet



Rhino Mastic Urethane is a surface tolerant direct to metal mastic coating. Unlike most Urethanes that require a primer, it adheres to properly prepared steel and weathered or etched galvanized surfaces. This high solids protective polyurethane provides a beautiful gloss finish, excellent exterior durability, long term gloss retention, and corrosion protection. It is resistant to chemical exposure and other highly aggressive environments. May be used as a finish coat for primed masonry/concrete or over primed metal. Most colors are available as well as a clear gloss formula.


1. Direct-to-metal adhesion
2. Chemical and salt resistance
3. Graffiti removal
4. Corrosion protection
5. Excellent mold and mildew resistance


As a finish coat or a one-step finish for the right surfaces. Ideal for tanks, beams, pipes, exposed metal and primed concrete surfaces. For use over properly blasted steel, etched galvanized surfaces, and carbon steel with minimum tight rust.

View Rhino Mastic Description and Full Data Sheet

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