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The Rhino Shield Coating System has been a preferred choice for beautifying and protecting parking garages across the country.

Our formulas address the walls, I-beams, ceilings, guard rails, stairs and other surfaces.  AmCoat offers strong warranties for durability, uv protection, and corrosion control.  We have a nationwide network of professional application specialists.  Benefits of Rhino Shield include:

  • Sealing out Moisture
  • Preventing Corrosion on Beams and Other Surfaces
  • Brightening up Parking Levels
  • An Anti-graffiti option

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Parking Garage Coatings for Corrosion Prevention

AmCoat is your one-stop resource for protective coatings for parking garages and structures.  Parking garages have a wide range of challenges including metal beams and ceilings and floors with outdoor exposure, multiple substrates and car exhaust.  The broad range of products in the AmCoat catalog provide solutions Parking Garage Coatingfor the variety of surfaces and challenges.  AmCoat’s network of professional painting contractors have the experience and know-how to protect and beautify all areas of a parking structure. 

Corrosion is a common problem for garages.  Because the levels of decks rarely receive sunlight and often have poor ventilation, the humid AmCoat in Action Project Example Linkand damp environment is conducive for rust formation. 

Rhino Rust Bond and Rhino Mastic Epoxy are perfectly designed for the beams and metal supports within a garage.  For the masonry walls Rhino Shield looks great and is designed to last.  For ceilings, the high gloss Rhino Ceramic Enamel is gaining popularity.  This affordable durable enamel provides protection and beautiful gloss finish to garage ceilings.  The coating often transforms the space from dark to a bright space inviting to shoppers.

AmCoat has products for:

  • Parking Garage Metal Beams
  • Parking Garage Ceilings
  • Parking Garage Floors


Benefits of Rhinopoxy in Parking GaragesParking Garage Coatings

AmCoat offers long-lasting, durable products including Rhinopoxy for Parking Garage Ceilings, Floors and Railings. 

  • May Be Used in Areas of High Traffic
  • Seals Out Water
  • Withstands Thousands of Cleanings
  • Beautiful Gloss Finish, Endless Color Options
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Apply
  • Able to be Driven On (Hot Tire Pickup
  • Corrosion Control

AmCoat in Action




Scope of Work

Chestnut Hill Mall Garage in Newton, MA had rust and corrosion issues. 

Date: 2013 | Contractor:  Final Coat

Products Used

A 3 coat system was used, Rhino Rust Bond, Rhino Mastic Epoxy and RhinoUrethane. 

Description of Project

This large parking garage has 100,000sq. ft. of ceiling.  Multiple Rhino Shield coatings were chosen to protect large areas of the Chestnut Hill mall parking.  The AmCoat high gloss ceramic enamel was used to protect and brighten parking decks.  The goal on the metal components was corrosion prevention, rust encapsulation, and beauty/street appearance. 

A 3 coat system was used, Rhino Rust Bond, Rhino Mastic Epoxy and RhinoUrethane.  Rhino Rust Bond was utilized to encapsulate existing rust and corrosion.  RhinoUrethane was used as a finish coat for the exterior metal façade.

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