Fighting rust is a global battle.  Once a metal surface starts to corrode, building and facility managers need solutions to stop the rust.  Sand

Burlington, MA Roof

Roof Rust Repair at Burlington Mall.  Burlington, MA

Blasting to a white metal surface is ideal for some situations, followed by several layers of coatings.  However for other situations, blasting is impractical or not in the budget.

AmCoat specializes in non-blast rust inhibitor product alternatives. 

AmCoat in Action Project Example LinkAmCoat offers products for industrial rust applications including Rhino Rust Bond, a 100% solids epoxy primer designed to prime and encapsulate rusted metal surfaces.



Benefits of AmCoat Industrial Rust Solutions

  • Great Adhesion
  • Encapsulates Rust
  • Low Surface Tension Curing
  • Cost Effective
  • Great Alternative to White Metal Sand Blasting

AmCoat Product Solutions for Rust

After cleaning and hand tool preparation of the rust surface (SSPC-SP 1, SSPC-SP 2, and SSPC-SP 3), AmCoat offers several direct

before after rust bond

Before & After Rust Bond

to metal and direct to rust primers.  The most popular primer is the Rhino Rust Bond.  This unique primer offers many advantages.  RHINO RUST BOND provides exceptional adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces. Specifically designed for metal and rust when blasting is not practical nor economically justified.  The priming system seals and unifies the substrate surface providing a paintable surface.  

Rusted Beams

Rhino Mastic Epoxy is another popular option.  This coating is half Rust Bond combined with a traditional tie-coat epoxy technology.  The result is a barrier coating that can be applied to non-blasted surfaces.  Often Rhino Mastic Epoxy is used in conjunction with Rust Bond.  It may be used as a mid-coat with Rust Bond or Rust Bond may be used as the stripe coat followed by a full coat of Mastic Epoxy.   

For situations when a one part water based product is needed, Rhino Red Iron Oxide is an option.  Two coats of the water based red iron oxide is used to encapsulate surface rust.  Traditional red iron oxides are alkyd formulas.  This water based formula is a ideal for residential use and environments that prohibit solvent based coatings.

The AmCoat team offers experience in the field and meeting specifications.  Let AmCoat be your partner in fighting rust, contact us today. 



RHINO RUST BOND is a two-part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted metal surfaces. The RUST BOND will seal rust and is AmCoat Rust Bondloaded with rust inhibitors. RHINO RUST BOND penetrates to reenforce and bond rusted surfaces. This primer requires a top coat. RHINO RUST BOND is a two part, 100% solid epoxy system. As a 100% solid product, RHINO RUST BOND does not shrink and offers a very low surface tension.


RHINO RUST BOND provides exceptional adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces. Specifically designed for metal and rust when blasting is not practical nor economically justified.


The priming system seals and unifies the substrate surface providing a paintable surface.

View Rust Bond Product Description and Data Sheet



The Rhino Shield Red Iron Metal Primer is designed to prime metal, protect metal from rusting and encapsulate existing rust (prevent andRed Iron by AmCoat retard spreading). This primer is very high in solids including zinc and red iron oxide pigments.  Water-based and low VOC, this is easier to work with and more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas. The resin rich formula utilizes top-grade acrylic waterproofing resins to keep moisture away from metal. It is designed as a priming coat on metal for the Rhino Shield ceramic coating system and it provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide may be used on steel, aluminum and galvanized metals.  Uses include interior, exterior, walls and roofs. It is required as part of the Rhino Shield system on any metal where rust exists.

View Red Oxide Product Description and Data Sheet

AmCoat in Action

Scope of Work

Rust and Corrosion on the Burlington Mall Roof Structure, excessive leaking caused by the rusting of the metal structures.

Date:  2013  | . LocationBurlington Mall – Burlington, MA

Products Use

  1.  Rhino Rust Bond Primer
  2.  Red Iron Oxide Primer

Description of Project

The roof at Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA experienced a high level of rust and corrosion over the years, resulting in roof failure and extensive leaks.  The structure at issue holds skylights for the two story mall avenues below it.   They needed a long-term solution to stop the rust and corrosion and prevent future leaks.   AmCoat’s Rust Bond Primer and Red Iron Oxide Primer were used to completely bond, seal and protect the metal structure.  This stopped the rust and solved the leaking problems.  

Latest Inspection: Spring 2019.  The Owners and Facility Managers were so satisfied with the end result they ordered 2 more similar projects.  

AmCoat in Action

U.S.S. Lexington – Corpus Christi, TX

Protecting assets from corrosion is an on-going battle for the Navy.  This includes retired and stationary airplanes. AmCoat was utilized in 2013 to beautify and protect three fighter planes on the USS Lexington Carrier in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The Rust Bond primer with the RhinoUrethane finish coat offers beauty and protection in this outdoor salt air environment.

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