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AmCoat offers Coating Systems to Protect Steel, Metal and Concrete Tanks. 
Get Superior Tank Life and Warranty with AmCoat Tank Coatings.

  • Long-term rust encapsulation
  • Fuel and acid resistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Superior weathering and UV protection
  • Great for steel, concrete, and painted tanks
  • Superior fire resistance

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AmCoat offers coating systems to protect steel, metal and concrete tanks. Metal storage tanks are prone to corrosion and require protection from a good coating system. Furthermore tanks often store harsh chemical and fuel. AmCoat offers several formulation tested against fuel, acids, and chemical exposure.

Steel Tank Protection – The AmCoat Advantage

Steel Tanks

Ideally, all steel structures would be blasted to white metal and immediately primed. Unfortunately in the real world, this is not always practical. From a monetary standpoint, maintenance budgets are often stretched. From a practical standpoint, some structures are difficult to blast because of location or design. A classic example is a cell phone tower on a rural site.

AmCoat specializes in situation where sand blasting is impractical or too expensive. Rhino Rust Bond is specifically engineered to overcoat existing surface rust. This 100% solids epoxy is loaded with anti- corrosive agents and offers superior adhesion to rusted surfaces. Rust Bond spreads thin and is very economical. Often the material cost is less than 20 cents per square foot.

AmCoat’s Rhino Mastic Epoxy is another great primer. It is a hybrid between the Rust Bond primer and a traditional epoxy tie-coat. It can AmCoat in Action Project Example Linkbe used over surface rust. When used as a mid-coat with the Rust Bond, it offers an additional layer of corrosion protection and acts as a barrier coating.

Depending upon location and objective, AmCoat offers several finish coats ideal for tank exteriors. The most popular finish coat is the RhinoUrethane. This beefy industrial urethane is engineered to resist fuel, acids (including sulfuric), and chemicals. Rhino Urethane offers a beautiful finish that is easy to clean and will last for many years.

The Rhino Urethane is also a great option for cement tanks. Depending upon the existing surface, AmCoat can recommend the best primer for cement and concrete.


Benefits of AmCoat’s Rhino Urethane on Steel Tanks:

  • Superior Longevity and Warranty
  • High Color Retention
  • Great for Harsh Environments
  • Acid, Chemical, and Stain Resistance
  • Flexes with Structure Movement
  • May Be Tinted to Any Color



RHINO RUST BOND is a two-part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted metal surfaces. The RUST BOND will seal rust and is AmCoat Rust Bondloaded with rust inhibitors. RHINO RUST BOND penetrates to reenforce and bond rusted surfaces. This primer requires a top coat. RHINO RUST BOND is a two part, 100% solid epoxy system. As a 100% solid product, RHINO RUST BOND does not shrink and offers a very low surface tension.


RHINO RUST BOND provides exceptional adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces. Specifically designed for metal and rust when blasting is not practical nor economically justified.


The priming system seals and unifies the substrate surface providing a paintable surface.

View Rust Bond Product Description and Data Sheet


Rhino Mastic Epoxy is a surface tolerant epoxy coating that forms a tight bond with the substrate and sets to a hard finish. It offers excellent adhesion and protection to clean steel, rusted steel, concrete, weathered galvanized surfaces and most existing cured coatings.  It may be used on light to moderately rusted surfaces with hand tool preparation.


Rhino Mastic Epoxy provides long term protection to unpainted or previously painted steel and concrete surfaces.  It is ideal for steel beams, piping, tanks, bridges and structural steel, among other varied applications.  It may be used as a primer or as a tie-coat when building mil thickness.

Rhino Mastic Epoxy may be used as a single coat primer or multiple coats may be applied to build thickness. A top coat, such as Rhino Urethane, is necessary for exterior use and UV exposure.




Rhino Urethane is a high gloss, acrylic polyurethane coating.  Comprised of high solids, this two-component Rhino Urethaneurethane coating provides superior weathering and high quality color retention.

Rhino Urethane is classified as an industrial urethane coating, designed for harsh environments.  Additionally, it offers outstanding resistance to acids, stains and chemicals.  It is a flexible coating that maintains durability with structure movement.  It may be tinted to virtually any color, it is available in both colored and clear formulas.


Rhino Urethane offers great durability, a beautiful finish, and broad spectrum resistance to a variety of fuels and chemicals.  If you read the product catalog on large paint manufacturers, they offer many urethane formulas.  For example one formula might be resistant to diesel, another is marketed to resist gasoline, another for acid exposure and so on.  The result is a bloated product catalog that is confusing and requires customers to buy multiple formulas.

View Rhino Urethane Description and Full Data Sheet

AmCoat in Action

Clean Energy Fuels Corporation – Newport Beach, CA

AmCoat completed a commercial coating project for the Clean Energy Fuels Corporation.  Clean Energy wanted a cost and time effective alternative for re-coating the rusted areas of the tanks.


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Rusted USPS Tank Before Coating

USPS Tank After AmCoat Coating

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