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AmCoat offers Coating Systems for commercial and industrial poles and traffic light poles to protect from rust, corrosion and wear.  Get Superior Pole Coatings with AmCoat.

  • Direct-to-metal adhesion
  • Chemical and salt resistance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Corrosion protection
  • Excellent mold and mildew resistance

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pole coatingsAmCoat offers a great one coat solution for traffic and utility poles.  Typically, traffic poles are galvanized.  Eventually they need painted to protect the galvanization from wearing away and for aesthetics.

The Rhino Mastic Urethane is the perfect coating for galvanized poles.  This hybrid urethane was specifically formulated and tested for galvanized surfaces.  In addition to primer-less adhesion, Rhino Mastic Urethane provides a beautiful finish and exterior durability.  This includes protection from moisture, UV rays, salt air, and pollution (chemical attack).

Rhino Mastic Urethane will save time a money.  Many paints designed for galvanized AmCoat in Action Project Example Linksurfaces require a chemical etch and separate primer.  AmCoat’s mastic urethane eliminates both steps saving time and money.

As a bonus, Rhino Mastic Urethane offers graffiti removal (clean-up), a concern for most Departments of Transportations.



Rhino Mastic Urethane is a surface tolerant direct to metal mastic coating. Unlike most Urethanes that require a primer, it adheres to properly prepared steel and weathered or etched galvanized surfaces. This high solids protective polyurethane provides a beautiful gloss finish, excellent exterior durability, long term gloss retention, and corrosion protection. It is resistant to chemical exposure and other highly aggressive environments. May be used as a finish coat for primed masonry/concrete or over primed metal. Most colors are available as well as a clear gloss formula.


1. Direct-to-metal adhesion
2. Chemical and salt resistance
3. Graffiti removal
4. Corrosion protection
5. Excellent mold and mildew resistance


As a finish coat or a one-step finish for the right surfaces. Ideal for tanks, beams, pipes, exposed metal and primed concrete surfaces. For use over properly blasted steel, etched galvanized surfaces, and carbon steel with minimum tight rust.

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AmCoat in Action

Scope of Work

Coating traffic poles and arms in the State of Florida.  The scope includes addressing rust and strong bonding to galvanized metal.

Date: 2009 | Contractor: Total Traffic, Inc. | Location: Cantonment, FL

Products Used

  1. Primer: Rhino Red Iron Oxide primer
  2. Finish Coat: Rhino ceramic acrylic paint as the finish coat

Description of Project

AmCoat was contracted in 2009 to provide a coating system for in-place traffic poles and arms. The pervasive issue across Florida is peeling paint due to poor adhesion to galvanized traffic poles or poor adhesion over developing rust.

In place coating work is preferable then replacing poles or taking them out of commission to repaint.  In-field coating is the most cost effective with the least amount of disruption or inconvenience to traffic.

Latest Inspection: Spring 2018.  A NACE certified inspector evaluated the poles at all four corners at the intersection of Highway 95a and East Kingsfield Road.  No rust or peeling was observed on poles or extension arms and the overall condition of the coating system was excellent for nine years in Florida.  



I have been involved in the selling of, and servicing of traffic polls for ten years. Most of the work is for the State of Florida. Unfortunately the steel polls often experience rust and paint failure. It can be expense to replace the polls and arms. In addition it is very inconvenient. Intersections have to be closed and traffic signals may be absent during removal and replacement events. Three years ago we started utilizing AmCoat products to encapsulate rust and refinish the metal. The results have been good. Importantly, it is a simple process and much cheaper than replacing polls and beams.

Mike M.

AmCoat in Action

The Track – Destin, FL

Scope of Work

Coating The Track, Destin, FL.  Tower and high beam has rust and peeling paint issues.

Date: 2008 | Location: Within 200 Yards of Gulf of Mexico

Description of Project

AmCoat was selected in 2008 to coat a multi-story steel tower at this popular tourist stop in Destin, FL.  The 100 foot high beam was coated with the APS and DFC elastomeric coating system and Red Iron Oxide rustproofing, which has successfully protected this iconic tower from harsh outdoor elements such as salt air, corrosion and wind.   The finish coat used was Rhino Shield Durable Finish Coat Acrylic/Urethane Formula. 

Latest Inspection: 2019 (11 years after application).  No rust has developed and the coating looks great. 


Six years ago Rhino Shield was contracted to coat a large steel structure, the SkyFlyer, at our local theme park called The Track. This is a high profile structure with scenic highway visibility.  Prior to using Rhino Shield we experienced coating failure and rust spots.  Our location is along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, and we experience heavy salt air corrosion and wind driven rain.  This climate makes protecting steel surfaces quite challenging.

We recently inspected the structure, and the coating looks excellent. After six years there is no peeling or any rust spots.  Also the color looks good and doesn’t appear to have faded.  The Track is very satisfied with the protection and appearance of the Rhino Shield coating and are confident we will see similar results in the future.

Lora M.

Mike M.

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