Epoxy Coatings by AmCoat

AmCoat offers a full line of durable epoxy formulations. The Rhinopoxy line provides beauty, durability, and ease of use for a wide variety of applications.

Rhino Epoxy Uses includes:

  1. Warehouse floors
  2. Office buildings
  3. Block walls
  4. Steel beams and I-Beams
  5. Railings
  6. Steel and Concrete Tanks

AmCoat’s epoxies bond and protect multiple surface types including:

AmCoat in Action Project Example Link1. Cement/concrete
2. Block
3. Steel
4. Surface rust
5. Drywall



Rhinopoxy is a two part, water-borne epoxy.  Unlike traditional epoxies, this water based epoxy is eco-friendly, low odor, and easy to apply. Rhinopoxy provides a high-gloss, hard finish that can protect a wide variety of surfaces.  Rhinopoxy is tintable and benefits include chemical/solvent resistance and excellent hide.


Rhinopoxy is suitable for use on most any horizontal or vertical surface in the toughest conditions.  It can be used in car washes, warehouse floors, driving surfaces, shower stalls, restaurants, hospitals, and everywhere else a tough, highly cleanable, chemical and solvent resistant coating is needed.  Rhinopoxy should only be applied where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.


• May be Used in Areas of High Traffic
• Seals Out Water
• Withstands Thousands of Cleanings
• Beautiful Gloss Finish, Endless Color Options • Durable
• Easy to Apply
• Able to be Driven On (Hot Tire Pickup)

View Rhinopoxy Full Description and Data Sheet


Rhinopoxy Ultra is AmCoat’s premium epoxy for the harshest environments. This high solids epoxy system offer superior durability, excellent chemical resistance and a long service life. Rhinopoxy Ultra is also a true submergible coating that can be submerged for years.  This makes it ideal for floors that are continually wet and car wash bays.


RHINOPOXY ULTRA should only be used in covered spaces and should not be applied to areas with direct sunlight exposure. RHINOPOXY ULTRA is ideal for surfaces continually cleaned or exposed to water.

Common uses include pipes, tanks, shower stalls, locker rooms, concrete walls/floors, hospitals, restaurant kitchens, packing plants, car wash bays, restrooms, schools, railings, manufacturing equipment and parking garages.


• May Be Used in Areas of High Traffic
• Seals Out Water
• Withstands Thousands of Cleanings
• Beautiful Gloss Finish, Endless Color Options
• Highly Durable
• Easy to Apply
• Able to be Driven On (Hot Tire Pickup)
• Corrosion Control
• Fully Immersable

View Rhinopoxy Ultra Full Description & Data Sheet



For floors with heavy equipment and vehicles, Rhinopoxy Ultra 100 is the ideal choice.  Because it is a 100% solids epoxy system, it is a good system for building mil thickness when a barrier epoxy is needed. Easy to apply, the system is usually poured out and spike rolled. It may be applied as thick as 30 mils per coat.


Flooring system for properly prepared concrete floors. Ideal for factory floors, warehouses, airplane hangers, walk-in freezers, schools and other high use buildings.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Resistant to Harsh Environments
  • Easy to Clean
  • Abrasion Resistance


View Rhinopoxy Ultra100 Full Description and Data Sheet

AmCoat in Action

Scope of Work

The Barclay Center was seeking a durable epoxy coating for arena railings and gates.

Date: 2014  |  Location: Brooklyn, NY

Products Used

Rhinopoxy was chosen for durability, appearance, and because it was a water based system.  New York City has a lot of regulation concerning VOCs inside buildings.  Most epoxies are solvent based but a water based two part system had advantages getting approved.

Description of Project

Rhinopoxy ultra was specked into the center in 2013 and the work was completed in January 2014.  It is home to the Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders, and hosts many concerts and other events.  They were looking for a durable epoxy system for the arena rails and gates.  The purpose was to beautify and protect the rails in the high use arena. 

Latest Inspection: Spring 2018.  The railings and gates look great, with no visible signs of excessive wear and tear.

Rhinopoxy on Barclay Center Stadium Railings

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