AmCoat’s Protect Deck and Railing is a high build coating designed for wood decks and railings. This elastomeric ceramic coating is a great option to restore, protect, and paint weathered decks. Protect Deck has been extensively tested to provide long term weathering, repel moisture, and offer superior abrasion resistance. Protect Deck penetrates wood surfaces and expands and contracts with wood movement. Protect seals wood surfaces to help prevent rotting and decay associated with wet wood. Sand and pumice mixture may be added to increase traction and texture where desired.

Protect Benefits:

  • Superior wet adhesion on wood and concrete
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for foot traffic
  • High elongation and tensile strength to maintain coating integrity during wood expansion and contraction
  • Low water swelling which aids in water repellency and avoiding wood rot
  • Anti-slip additive available
  • No primer required
  • Available in unlimited colors including our Cool Colors colorants

Surfaces for Protect Deck and Railing

Deck Boards


Window Sills