Rhino-Red Iron Oxide

Metal Primer & Rust Encapsulation Sealer


The RHINO-SHIELD RED-IRON METAL PRIMER is designed to prime metal, protect metal from rusting and encapsulate existing rust (prevent and retard spreading). This primer is very high in solids including zinc and red iron oxide pigments. Water-based and low VOC, this is easier to work with and more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas. The resin rich formula utilizes top-grade acrylic waterproofing resins to keep moisture away from metal. It is designed as a priming coat on metal for the Rhino-Shield ceramic coating system. Provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.


RHINO-SHIELD RED-IRON OXIDE may be used on steel, aluminum and galvanized metals. Uses include interior, exterior, walls and roofs. It is required as part of the RhinoShield system on any metal where rust exists.


Product may be sprayed, rolled or brushed. An airless sprayer is ideal for uniform coverage. One coat is required on non-rusted surfaces. On surfaces that have rust, or rust was removed as part of the preparation, two coats is required. If a small percentage of rust was present, spot priming is acceptable for the first coat followed by a full second coat. When rust is prevalent, two full coats are needed. Two coats on the entire surface area provide the best

chance of preventing future rust. When removing and sand blasting rust, time is critical. Bare metal will immediately begin to oxidize; therefore, this oxide should be applied to bare metal within 30-minutes of preparing. Large surfaces should be divided into smaller sections. Each small area should be prepped and the first coat of oxide applied before moving to the next section. Stir well. Ideally, no thinning is recommended but do to the high solid content, up to a cup of water per gallon may be used if necessary. Recoat with second coat after 12 hours of dry time. Rhino-Shield ceramic top-coat may be applied after 12 hours of finishing the primer.


A clean dry surface is required. The surface must be free of dirt, grease, oil, chalking and incompatible paints.
Rust must be addressed. All scaling and flaking rust must be removed by scrapping, sandblasting or wire brushing. Removing rust to bare metal is ideal.


Finish Flat
Color Redish Brown
Spread Rate 100-200 square feet per gallon
Dry to touch 2 to 4 hours
Recoat 12 hour minimum
Gallon weight 11.9 lbs. +/- .3 lbs
Sold-by-weight 79% +/-2%



Distributed by AmCoat Industrial, Inc. For further application and preparation procedures, please consult the AmCoat/Rhino-Shield application manual dated January 2002.