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Rhino Mastic Urethane

Product Data


RHINO MASTIC URETHANE is a surface tolerant direct to metal mastic coating. Unlike most Urethanes that require a primer, RHINO MASTIC URETHANE adheres to properly prepared steel and weathered or etched galvanized surfaces. This high solids protective polyurethane provides a beautiful gloss finish, excellent exterior durability, long term gloss retention, and corrosion protection. It is resistant to chemical exposure and other highly aggressive environments. May be used as a finish coat for primed masonry/concrete or over primed metal. Most colors are available as well as a clear gloss formula.


1. Direct-to-metal adhesion
2. Chemical and salt resistance
3. Graffiti removal
4. Corrosion protection
5. Excellent mold and mildew resistance


As a finish coat or a one-step finish for the right surfaces. Ideal for tanks, beams, pipes, exposed metal and primed concrete surfaces. For use over properly blasted steel, etched galvanized surfaces, and carbon steel with minimum tight rust.


May be used over the following AmCoat Primers and tie coats: RHINO RUST BOND, RHINO MASTIC EPOXY, and RHINOPOXY ULTRA.
For corroded steel a minimum of a brush-offblast is ideal (SSPC-SP 7/NACE 4). For non-blast projects remove loose rust scale and poorly adhered old paint with water blasting and hand/ power tools. Remove all grease and oils per SPC-SP1 solvent cleaning. For weathered galvanized steel and aluminum remove oils and grease per SSPC-SP1.
For new galvanized steel or aluminum etch via sanding or chemical etching. For concrete remove all laitance and efflorescence via stiff brush and SSPC SP13. A test patch is highly recommended over existing coatings and on all large projects, especially if using without a primer.


AIRLESS SPRAY: Use .015-.017 tip, 60 mesh filter, 30:1 pump ratio at 60-100 psi operating air pressure.
ROLL: Use short nap cover. Additional coats may be required to achieve desired film thickness.
BRUSH: Use natural bristle brush. Additional coats may be required to achieve desired film thickness.


Graffiti Clean-Up: Spray Paint—100% removed with ketone solvent.


Not formulated for long term immersion service. Maximum continuous service of 200 F (93 C).


Use this product only if the substrate temperature and ambient air temperature is a minimum of 40°F and is expected not to decrease for at least two hours after application. Also, the substrate temperature must be 5°F above the dew point for a period of at least two hours after application to avoid condensation occurring on wet paint.



BLEND RATIO: One part RHINO MASTIC URETHANE Activator to four parts RHINO MASTIC URETHANE Base by volume. Power agitate until components are thoroughly mixed.
POT LIFE: 90 minutes @90F, 3 hours @70F, 5 hours @50F.
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: Minimum 20°F, Maximum 110°F.
SHELF LIFE: 18 months at recommended storage temperature.
SURFACE TEMPERATURE: Minimum 40°F, Maximum 120°F.
RECOATABILITY: This product may be recoated with itself anytime after 18 hours.



WEIGHT PER GALLON: 12.77 ± 0.2 lbs per Gallon
V.O.C.’S: MIXED UNTHINNED: < 2.4 lbs./gallon; < 288 grams/Liter
DRY FILM THICKNESS: 2.5 to 5.0 mils.
WET FILM THICKNESS: 3.9 to 7.7 mils.
DRY TIME: TO HANDLE: 3 hrs @90F, 6 hrs @70F, 12 hrs @50F.
TO RECOAT: Overnight.
* Lower temperature, higher film build, and/or poor ventilation will retard dry time.