Super Shield is AmCoat’s commercial roofing coating system ideal for schools. warehouses, office buildings, shopping centers, and other flat AmCoat in Action Project Example Linkroofs.  Designed in Florida for hurricane conditions and tropic precipitation, Super Shield has been protecting building across America, the Caribbean, and three continents for over fifteen years.      


Super Shield Products


Is a ceramic elastomeric coating designed specifically for sloped roofs visible from ground level. It is a high build coating ideal for one coat coverage and protection. When combined with our Cool Colors™ colorant system, Super Shield Sloped Roof helps reflect UV rays away from the surface and reduce the color fading. The coating forms a thick rubber-like membrane that helps seal out water and expands and contracts with temperature changes and building movement.


Primarily for commercial buildings, these coatings are formulated for flat roofs with proper slope and good water draining system. It is a bright white elastomeric ceramic roof coating system.  SuperShield adds layers of water protection and insulation benefits along with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. It is specially formulated for the demands of a minimally sloped roof (no ponding water). The system is a 3-step process which starts with our Adhesive Roof Primer, a highly adhesive primer that adheres to virtually any roof material and provides the first layer of moisture protection.  The primer is followed with two coats of SuperShield.  The result is a thick membrane of protection designed to last for years.


Similar to the low slope roof coating except infused with polyuria for roofs that experience occasional ponding water.  This system provides the ultimate protection for roofs lacking slope and is ideal for roofs with regular snow pack. 

AmCoat in Action

Scope of Work

Lido Beach Pavilion (Mushroom Park) – Paint chipping and mildewing on roof surfaces.  Super Shield was brought in to protect the structures against the weather and harsh ocean front location and improve the appearance and provide long-lasting color. 

Date:  2013  |  Location:  Long Island, NY

Products Used

SuperShield Roof Coatings with Cool Color Pigments

Description of Project

The Lido Beach Pavilions, also known as Mushroom Park (because the iconic structures look like giant mushrooms), is a popular tourist beach spot on Lon Island.  The structures are important to the city and they needed a roof coating that would last and make them look great for many years to come.  Over the years, the concrete roof surfaces experienced constant exposure to salt air and humidity causing paint failure and mildewing.  The structures are important to the city and they needed a roof coating that would last and make them look great for many years to come.  Super Shield® Roof Coating with Cool ColorsTM reflective pigment was used on more than 10,000 sq. ft. of roof surface for a great long-term protection from the elements.

Latest Inspection:  Spring 2019.  Coating is holding up extremely well, no visible signs of wear.  Colors look great. 

AmCoat in Action

Valmark Auto Roof – New Braunfels, TX

Super Shield Roof Coating was used to coat and seal this 85,000 sq. ft. metal roof.  The roof was experiencing rust in areas along with water leaks.  All sheet metal bolts were rust proofed during prep process and two coats of roof coating + adhesive roof primer were then applied.

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